About us

IPF USA Foundation

Objective and purpose

The primary purpose of the corporation is to serve the pharmaceutical sciences as a whole, the health profession, and the public interest by:

  • Providing a forum for the free interchange of scientific knowledge in the pharmaceutical sciences, including the sponsorship of congresses, conferences and educational symposia covering the latest developments in the field of pharmaceutical sciences;
  • Acting as a resource in forming public policy relevant to the pharmaceutical sciences and related issues of public concern;
  • Promoting the pharmaceutical sciences; and
  • Collaborating with other pharmaceutical organizations that seek to promote pharmaceutical sciences in the United States and/or other countries.

The corporation seeks worldwide advancement and dissemination of knowledge related to pharmaceutical science, including among other subjects discovery, design, analysis, production, quality control, safety and clinical evaluation, distribution and utilization of drugs and drug delivery systems.
Towards fulfillment of its primary purposes, the corporation shall encourage high standards of education in the pharmaceutical sciences, the health professions, and in related academic disciplines.

Bylaws and Board of Directors

Please click here to read the IPF USA Bylaws

The official date of appointment of the new Directors is 3 September 2018.

Dr. Marianne Ivey, President – View Bio here
Mr. Lee Vermeulen, Secretary/Treasurer –  View Bio here
Mr Kasey Thompson, ASHP, Director
Mr Rafael Saenz, APHA, Director
Mrs. Carola van der Hoeff, Director