Our Work


Pharmabridge® is a voluntary initiative aimed at strengthening pharmacy services and pharmacy education in low-income and emerging countries. Founded in 1999 by Agathe Wehrli, Pharmabridge is supported by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP), to foster communication and exchange of information, resources, and experiences between pharmacists, pharmaceutical scientists, and pharmacy educators from all corners of the globe, leading to better pharmacy services, improved patient care and enhanced community health. Pharmabridge is part of the FIP Board of Pharmacy Practice, works together with FIP Sections and is complimentary to FIPEd  which brings together all of FIP’s education activities.

Pharmabridge is also supported by the FIP Foundation for education and research.  If you would like to get involved (please register over this website) or donate for this project, please visit the FIP Foundation website here and specify that your donation is intended to be used for Pharmabridge.