Our Work


Through the Pharmabridge program, the FIP Foundation supports and fosters global connections and collaborations to strengthen pharmacy practice, education, and science.


  1. Continue to support and expand the Pharmabridge program to better foster global connections and collaborations for practice, education, and science
  2. Establish and enhance virtual connection capabilities
  3. Identify and initiate efforts to connect groups with common expertise and interests

Making a Difference: The Pharmabridge program

The Pharmabridge programme has supported matching live exchanges between hosts and interested guests since 1999 when it was founded by Agathe Wehrli.  Since 2001, over 179 live exchanges have been supported. While most exchanges have been pharmacy practice based in hospital or community settings or academic settings, future plans are to also support live exchanges among pharmaceutical scientists. 

Pharmabridge continues to provide complimentary copies of the “American Hospital Formulary Service Drug Information” books to every new Pharmabridge registrant from low-income and developing countries donated from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP).

We are working to create a new database to allow individuals to search for hosts or interested guests and connect directly.  In addition, we hope to organize virtual connections for groups with areas of mutual interest and expertise.

Personal Pharmabridge Experience: Pharmacist KC Badri of Nepal, 2021 FIP Foundation Report

“Formal and informal discussions helped me to align the information and experience how Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP) was implemented in Finland. I came to know that GPP is the aspect of quality that comes through continuous involvement. In Nepal, more focus is given to the manufacturing of medicines but not to the other activities that can lead to degradation of the medicine during distribution and storage in community pharmacy. This means there is no assurance of quality of the product that reaches the patient nor about how it is used. This has increased my enthusiasm to implement GPP back home. Thus, with high motivation and inspiration I am going back and hope to try implementing GPP,”