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Sponsorship Opportunities

Donations and other forms of sponsorship are an essential ingredient to the success to the FIP Foundation.

The Foundation has developed a series of benefits, both individual and corporate, which will attract potential donors/sponsors. There are six categories:

  • Ribbon (25 Euro)
  • Bronze (250 Euro)
  • Silver (251-1,000 Euro)
  • Gold (1,001-5,000 Euro)
  • Platinum (5,001 – 25,000 Euro)
  • Diamond (25,001 Euro and more)

The members of the Bronze and Silver category do receive a letter of thanks after the yearly FIP Congress and the members of the Gold, Platinum and Diamond category will receive a certificate of merit and will be personally thanked during a FIP Foundation luncheon which will held during the yearly FIP Congresses.

If you or your organisation wish to support the Foundation then please contact us at