Message from the Chairman


The FIP Foundation for Education and Research was established in 1993 with the objective of promoting the educational and research ventures of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists within the general fields of design, manufacture, distribution and use of medicines for humans and/or animals. The Foundation’s activities enable a number of pharmacists to receive congress travel grants, making it possible for them to attend and participate in the annual FIP Congress.
Each year, the Foundation together with YPG announces a grant for professional innovation. The Foundation also provides great support to a number of developing countries for the implementation of GPP.  Currently, the Foundation aim is to support FIP’s third pillar, Education, with the establishment of the FIPEd. The FIPEd will play a crucial role in promoting the education of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists.  Hence, it is a principal focus of the FIP to successfully launch the FIPEd and ardently support its programs and endeavors.
Mr John Ware , Chairman