Pictograms Support

Pictogram Software

How to access the pictogram software:

As downloadable software:

  • Download the offline FIP Pictogram Software: PictoRX [55Mb]
    (last update: 7 February 2017)release notes:
    – fixed some issues with the language
    – Turk and Malayam languages are now up and running

How / When to use pictograms

Pictograms give health professionals a means of communicating medication instructions to people with no common language and / or who may be illiterate. Pictograms may also be used for those who have slight cognitive impairment or difficulties seeing such as the elderly. To help improve communication, various formats of the medication instructions can be printed (see below):

Medication instructions included:

  • Medication name
  • Route and quantity of medicines per dose
  • Frequency

Optional instructions to include on information sheets:

  • The picture of the medication
  • Reason(s) for use
  • Precautions
  • Side effects (up to 2)

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