Pharmabridge – Links to Free Online Access Drug and Compounding Information

From the FIP Pharmacy Information Section
The FIP Pharmacy Information Section Working Group on Medicines Information has compiled a list of Open Access Sources of Medicines Information which can be downloaded by clicking here.

Additional sources and instructions are included below.

Compounding information for Essential Drugs in Developing Countries. This website contains information related to the compounding of drugs and is intended to support adequate compounding of essential and other important drugs where needed.

Lancet Free Research Alerts – Allow you to Perform a search, Save your search query, Select either weekly or monthly updates and when new research is published that matches your search they will be sent to your email.

The Pan American Health Organisation Institutional Repository ( includes technical documentation for health workers.

The World Health Organization website provides access to information on all WHO programmes. Access to programmes on Medicines/Pharmaceuticals.

E-DRUG supports  the concept of essential drugs by improving and speeding up communications between all health professionals working in the field of essential drugs.

Plateforme éducative et collaborative pour une gestion efficiente, sûre et rationnelle des médicaments dans les hôpitaux