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Good Pharmacy Practice

In 2005 the FIP Bureau allocated seed money for a pilot project to stimulate implementation and application of FIP’s Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP) Guidelines in developing countries. The FIP Foundation for Education and Research obtained major grants from the Taiwan Society of Health System Pharmacists of China Taiwan (78.5%) and Apoteket AB of Sweden (21.5%) for this pilot project. Under the leadership of past Foundation Chair, Peter Kielgast, and the extensive consulting efforts of Dick Tromp and Kurt Rasmussen, pilot projects, with specific parameters,  were conducted in Thailand and Uruguay and involved the governments, universities and pharmacy associations in these countries.

It is generally accepted that the GPP pilot program was a positive experience for those countries selected to participate. It brought Good Pharmacy Practice Guidelines to the attention of policy makers and fostered collaboration and cooperation among decision makers within those countries. It created a positive impression in the host countries for FIP and for GPP and it started a process by which the rational use of medicines may be improved so that health is improved and/or maintained within the countries chosen for the pilot project.

The FIP Foundation Board of Directors, with the concurrence of the FIP Bureau, intends to initiate a further program to facilitate implementation of Good Pharmacy Practice Guidelines in countries with developing economies. The Foundation’s objective is to expand the program not only with respect to governments, universities and pharmacy associations in selected countries, but to encourage partnerships and joint actions with Member Organizations from developed countries and/or Forums. It is the FIP Foundation’s belief that implementation of Good Pharmacy Practice throughout the world should be a shared responsibility of all FIP Member Organizations and Regional Pharmaceutical Forums.

For the latest updates on FIP GPP activities, please visit the FIP Website.