Needs and Offers

The needs expressed are, above all, for books, computers and photocopy equipment. But there are also requests for participation in training activities (mainly pharmacy practice and clinical pharmacy) and exchange of information in specific areas like compounding, quality control, drug information, pain relief, pharmacoeconomics, telepharmacy and in the case of pharmacy schools and individuals, exchange of faculty staff and exchange visits respectively. There are also many requests for postgraduate education and relevant funding. (See under Achievements to date)

***Anyone attending the FIP Congress is invited to bring books for donation and distribution at the end of the open Pharmabridge meeting. See the FIP Congress programme for the meeting date and time.***

Offers for support originate mainly from North America and Europe and can be categorized as coming from the following:

  • International associations
  • National associations
  • Multinational companies
  • Schools of pharmacy (students)
  • Individual pharmacists

These offers include books and journals, computers, individual contacts, contacts between institutions and advice in specific fields.

There are offers for running courses in developing countries e.g.:  5 to 20 days courses in industrial pharmacy (GMP) (M. Anisfeld); training on various pharmacotherapeutic and drug information topics for pharmacists and other health care professionals (5 topics in 1-4 days modules) (G. Smith). The lecturing is done free of charge, but the receiving party has to take care of the local arrangements for organizing the course and cover travel and accommodation expenses of the expert.

A few places in developed countries are also on offer to individual pharmacists from academic and hospital settings for 1 month practice exposures in the following fields of practice: drug information, clinical pharmacy, and pediatric pharmacy. (See under Achievements to date)

These are also offers from developing countries, mainly sharing of locally gathered information and participating in research, personal expertise, as well as a few offers for hosting visiting pharmacists.

Tips for collaboration between IPSF and Pharmabridge are available here.